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The Beau-Zone Layer –
Genbei “4 Eyed Devil” Honjozo April, 2016
From Kyoto Prefecture. Honjozo.SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.5 Howdy! Welcome to the Beau-Zone Layer, which is a little section in the store that allows me to select a sake that I feel you may need to explore on your path to total and complete sake enlightenment.... Continue reading article ›
Top 10 List – Ten Sakes and Their Twins April, 2016 No two sakes are identical! But what if you like one sake so much and you can’t find it anywhere? Is it okay to cheat on your sake? Sure! Of course it is! How did that song go: “If you can’t be with the one... Continue reading article ›
March 2016 - The Luck of the I Wish! March, 2016 Welcome to the 139th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this special issue that could very well have the luck of the Irish read about how the sake industry continually improves itself via communication between the end-seller and the producer, put your thinking cap on... Continue reading article ›
Sake “Process” – How We Continually Learn Together As An Industry March, 2016 So there I was on the night of my 40th Birthday! We were in Napa – yes the heart of darkness – in the cradle of wine country. We were staying at a vineyard and had reserved the large table at the vineyard restaurant that... Continue reading article ›
Sake Beliefs – Hey Alcohol And Water You Need To Relax! March, 2016 I love drinking sake with owners of sake breweries. Who wouldn’t? They are great people who have great lives and generally love life greatly. When I come back in my seventh life I want to own a sake brewery. Until then I have to settle... Continue reading article ›
Sake Videos – True Sake Is Going Video! March, 2016 Well, well, well, well – well, ----well! You’ve asked for it for over a decade! And my team has been asking for it forever. And Stephen has said “We really need to be doing this” more than I can remember. And guess what? The time... Continue reading article ›
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