March 2006

True Sake Newsletter March 2006

Posted by Stephen King in 2006, March, Monthly Intro, Newsletter
Welcome to the March Issue of America's sake-centric newsletter. The groundhog saw his shadow and all we have to look forward to is green sake on the 17th. NOT! Do not despair the Ides of March for in this issue you may enlighten yourself to a dark sake man. Also take note of a special sake tasting on the 1st day of Spring, and behold a new restaurant that engaged the "dark sake man" to produce one hell of sake menu. Spring has sprung folks!

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In this issue:


Consider this...

A Tokubetsu Junmai is a "special" Junmai in the sense that the brewers did something a little special in the process. For example they may have polished the rice more than Junmai levels, which would make it almost a Ginjo, but they call it Tokubetsu Junmai.

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