April 2009

True Sake Newsletter April 2009

Posted by Stephen King in 2009, April, Monthly Intro, Newsletter
Dear Sake Drinker,

Welcome to the April Fools Issue of America's sake-centric newsletter. In this edition read about True Sake's next big move, learn how sake and the Golden Arches dance the pairing dance, check out what Yelp has done for True lately, look at Poochi-Poochi under a very special Sake Spotlight, and Ask Beau about the taste of "temperature" in a sake!

In this issue:


Consider this...

On your next trip to Japan go to an izakaya that has a great sake menu - pull up to the counter order your favorite brew - take a big long sip - relax your shoulders - and then ask the chef "Do they have April Fool's Day" in Japan. Then try to explain the meaning. Good luck!

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