Sake Dealio - Urakasumi "Three Ways" - The "Urak Tri-Pak" | True Sake
August 2010

Sake Dealio - Urakasumi "Three Ways" - The "Urak Tri-Pak"

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, August, Newsletter
Urak Tri-Pak Yes Siree! We are always on the look out for great sake deals! And if we cannot find them we create some. When I looked around the store the other day I started counting - on BOTH hands - the amount of offerings that we carry or have carried from one of my favorite breweries - Urakasumi from Miyagi Prefecture. Basically we are sitting on two different "Exclusive" sakes from this stellar kura, and the other brews are considered stalwarts in the industry. So to entice you to try some new brews or to re-visit some old friends we have decided to create the "Urak Tri-Pak!"

So what's in the "Urak Tri-Pak"? Three killer sakes, two of which you may only obtain from True Sake.

  1. Urakasumi Junmai - Ye'ol standard of the Junmai world. $26/720ml
  2. Urakasumi Honjozo Genshu - The brew Beau begged for! $34/720ml
  3. Urakasumi Tokubetsu Junmai - The "Trial" brew not available in US $35/720ml
That is $95 worth of Miyagi's best but for you great people we are whacking off $15. So try three amazing sakes for $80 and remember we only have a limited quantity.

And for the super Urak-initiated you may add on the other two brews in the store - the Spring released Nama "Shiboritate" $35/720ml and the ultra popular Urakasumi "Zen" Junmai Ginjo $54/720ml - and if you are absolutely crazed for "Urak" we could special order you their Junmai Daiginjo!

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