November 2010

True Sake Newsletter November 2010

Posted by Stephen King in 2010, Monthly Intro, Newsletter, November
Dear Sake Drinker,

Welcome to the November Issue of America's sake-centric Newsletter. In this issue it's time to get fowl about sake and drill in your mind that Thanksgivings are made for nihonshu, recount Sake Day2010 and what you missed, enjoy Chizuko Niikawa's Sake Spotlight on the Daishichi brewery, taste sake and Spanish food pairings, and discover what it would take for a sake Vlog in the True Sake sense to be born.

In this issue:


Consider this...

Whistle while you work! Historically sake brewery workers sang songs to not only make the time pass, but used these songs to account for time itself. Certain parts of the brewing process like soaking the rice or pole ramming steamed rice, needed very specific timing. Thus songs were created and used to account for this specific timing.

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