October 2011

Sake Images - Photos From The Soul Of Sake October 2011

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Please be a part of our "Sake Images" section by contributing your very select sake related photographs. I'm not looking for a batch of your pictures, rather I'd like to see one or two really powerful shots that could be in a brewery or at your own home tasting or event. Quality over quantity here people! And then write one or two sentences (if you want) about the picture that we can share with the other readers.

Please send these very specific and stellar photos to info @ truesake.com with the subject line "Sake Images".

This month's Sake Image is from Lynn Shade.

I'm spending the summer back in my hometown of Karuizawa in Nagano-Ken and a friend and I went by Chikumanishiki brewery in Saku. Kan Chiku and Saku no Hana are considered the far better breweries in Saku, while Chikumanishiki has a semi-lowly rep as everyone's dad's (basic, unglamorous) sake best drunk hot.

Chikumanishiki turned out to have an interesting & kinda wine-like funky line called Kizan (Return to Mountain, also means "return to fundamentals") but, the thing we enjoyed most was coming across this old bigger-than-isshoubin bottle with charmingly hand-labeled "Cold Wine" on it. The brewery person had no idea what it was about, it was just sort of shoved in a corner of the office, but we guessed it was either for the foreign community in Yokohama and Tokyo, or the foreign community in Karuizawa, maybe used as a big display piece outside a shop.

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