April 2012

True Sake Newsletter April 2012

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Dear Sake Drinker,

Welcome to the April 1st issue of America's sake-centric Newsletter. In this very special issue behold True Sake's latest endeavor "Spa True Sake," learn how we have not only embraced the "Sake Bomb" but are actually taking it to Major League Baseball in the form of "True Sake Bomber" vendors, check out the new line of sakes that you can carry on airplanes, read about a special sake that was sent directly from the University of Tokyo's Fermentation program, get your One Cup on, and read about how Beau brewed sake on two separate auspicious occasions. Lastly, remember that this is very special issue celebrating the "Foolishness" known as April 1st.

In this issue:
Consider this...

You have probably noticed that the Japanese name for salmon is sake. Sound familiar? That is why sake used to be referred to as "Fish water" or "Water of the fish." Even today you will hear older drinkers ask for more "Fish Nectar" or another glass of "Fishy Fluid." By all means on your next trip to Japan try to impress the locals by ordering a sake using one of these well-respected ancient phrases.

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