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June 2012

New Store Arrivals - More Nama-zake

Posted by Beau Timken in 2012, June, New Store Arrivals, Newsletter
In the coming month or two we will be getting a few more nama-sake (unpasteurized sake). If you have not tried these yet, please do!

Tedorigawa Kinka Daiginjo Nama
From Ishikawa Prefecture. SMV: +5 / Acidity: 1.3 / $35 720ml)

Naraman Origarami Junmai Nama
From Fukushima Prefecture. SMV: 3 / Acidity:1.7 / $32 (720ml)

Kotsuzumi Junmai Ginjo Nama
From Hyogo Prefecture. SMV: +2 / Acidity: 1.4 / $28 (500ml)

Otokoyama Yukishibara Tokubetsu Junmai Nama
From Hokkaido Prefecture. SMV: +4 / Acidity: 1.4 / $38 (720ml)

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