Beau-Zone Layer - Nihon Sakari "Gokun" | True Sake
March 2013

Beau-Zone Layer - Nihon Sakari "Gokun"

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True Sake From Hyogo Prefecture - Honjozo - SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.4

Say hello to a smooth and velvety Honjozo that is one of "THOSE" kind of sakes that feels so good in the mouth. Talk about rich and fun, this brew is round and soft with a non-fruity sweetness that touches on those Creme Brullee, toasted marshmallow, rice pudding and nougat flavors. BUT WAIT! That's not all, because this baby has won the "heated sake" competition in Japan two years in a row! That's right! It is such an amazing warming sake because of its velvety and smooth texture, which plays so well with the sweetness and richness of the brew. If you like to warm you sake this brew is for you! And if you want to start to learn why you warm a sake this brew is for you! And if you have never warmed a sake this brew is definitely for you!

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