Beau-Zone Layer - Tengumai "Dance of the Demon" | True Sake
April 2013

Beau-Zone Layer - Tengumai "Dance of the Demon"

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, April, Beau Zone, Newsletter
From Ishikawa Prefecture SMV: +4 Acidity: 1.8 $28/720ml $60/1.8L

True Sake So why make sake using the Yamahai brewing technique? So it will taste exactly like this monstrous sake from Ishikawa - a Prefecture known for making huge Yamahai sakes. I have been selling Tengumai from the first day of True Sake, because it is an "opposite" sake. Huh? An "opposite sake"? Yes, this brew does not drink like most of the elegant, clean, and pristine sakes that fill these shelves. Rather it drinks with loads of full-bodied flavors that cram the mouth with robust and savory drinking elements. Are you a full-powered red wine drinker? This is your sake! Are you a large stout beer drinker? This is your sake! If you are on a sake learning field trip put this sake into your backpack because it is a must to taste a sake that represents another generation in sake terms. This is a throw back sake that does extremely well at room temperature and is a food pairing madman! Behold a bold and expansive sake that definitely represents a very solid segment in the sake industry.

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