“Beau-Zone” Layer – Gunma Izumi “Famous Fountain” January, 2015 From Gunma Prefecture. Honjozo. SMV:+3 Acidity:1.5 I often write about a brew being “drinkable.” You’d hope all sakes are drinkable, but this is one of the select few that is truly coifable! Look for hints of honey, nuts and buttery elements that are smoky, slick... Continue reading article ›
Sake Resolutions – A Look Back At Sake Resolutions from 2010 January, 2015 I decided to go to the way-back machine – meaning our True Sake Newsletter Archives, which are awesome and I encourage you to read fun stuff from over a decade ago – to see where my mind was in regards to sake and setting goals... Continue reading article ›
True Sake Newsletter January 2014 January, 2014 Dear Sake Lover, Welcome to the 113th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this “Hot Sake Month” issue we say good bye to one of the really bright lights in the sake world – Bob Kantor, look in on a special hot sake experience in Kobe,... Continue reading article ›
Hot Sake – A Memory From Kobe January, 2014 A long long time ago – in a universe far far away – I was taken to an izakaya in Kobe that specialized in sake, so much so that when I went for the first time there were four kuramotos (owners of breweries) also imbibing.... Continue reading article ›
Sake Secrets – How Best To Warm Sake January, 2014 If you are reading this then you obviously know that hot or heated sake is beuno! You have not been tricked into the notion that hot sake is garbage, and that only garbage sake makes for garbage hot sake. For years we at True Sake... Continue reading article ›
Sake List – The TOP TEN Warming Sakes January, 2014 Hot sake sucks right? No you freakin’ idgit! Bad sake makes for bad hot sake, but good sake makes for good hot sake! Get it? It’s cold this time of year and nothing warms the cockles like a warm cup of brew! Talk about therapeutic... Continue reading article ›
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