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March 2015 - March Gladness March, 2015 Welcome to the 127th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this revealing edition get ready to take a sake acid trip, then check out Ten sakes that make serious acidity plays, learn about a sake that all sake drinkers should taste at some point in... Continue reading article ›
Sake Sensations: The Acid Trip! March, 2015 I say it often. Actually, I say it a lot! When speaking about the “benefits’ or positive attributes of sake I usually say that sake has “1/3rd the acidity of wine.” This is a good thing. Especially for those folks who suffer from reflux and... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Ten Sakes That Make For a Great Acid Trip! March, 2015 So you want to learn a little bit more about sake and what makes it tick? One of the big components of sake is acidity, which plays a huge role in the brewing process and in the glass for the drinking process. Typically sake levels... Continue reading article ›
True Sake Exclusive – Return of Gokyo Arabashiri (new sake drinkers must try!) March, 2015 First and foremost, I have had a love hate relationship with the whole concept of Exclusive sakes to True Sake and True Sake alone. Why? I understand the “financial benefit” and “selling factor” of having an excellet sake for ourselves to share with you. I... Continue reading article ›
Sake Challenge – Sake Vs. British Fare At The Cavalier March, 2015 Welcome back to another Sake Challenge, where we try to break the “sake only goes with sushi” paradigm. We use the Sake Challenge to make you great readers and everybody to think outside the box and to start pairing sakes at home or at restaurants... Continue reading article ›
Sake Bar – True Sake Is Opening Its First Sake Bar! March, 2015 Well the subtle teasing continues. After almost 13 years of talking you into bottles of sake, aren’t you ready to taste your way around the sake universe with friends who you trust? We have dedicated ourselves to making sake exploration fun and fascinating, and in... Continue reading article ›
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