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May 2015 - Say Hey May! May, 2015 Welcome to the 129th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this mid-month issue read one of my favorite pieces that I have ever written for this here newsletter about the IWC in London last month, take a trip to Seattle to visit with another sake... Continue reading article ›
Sake Importance – The International Wine Challenge May, 2015 Can you taste gold? Can you taste a medal? How do you know? How can you taste one sake that stands out from hundreds?   Simple. You can. There was a day long ago when I first started on this sake journey that I used... Continue reading article ›
Sake Celebration – Finally Visited Sake Nomi In Seattle May, 2015 So my sister invited me to visit her place in Seattle, and since it’s such a cool city who could say no? Not me! Fast forward to my two stellar daughters and I walking through Pike Place Market looking at such highlights as the “Wall... Continue reading article ›
True Cup – The Cat Is Out Of The Cup! May, 2015 Check Out The True Cup Social Media Scene: Truecup on Facebook, #truecupsf on Instagram and @truecupsf on Twitter!   Okay folks! We told you that we would keep you posted from the get go! So here is your current True “Cup”date! (True Cup Update –... Continue reading article ›
Save The Date – Sake Day’s 10th Anniversary May, 2015 Do you have a pen? Do you rent one with an option to buy? Can you borrow one?   Now take this pen owned, borrowed, stolen or otherwise and circle OCTOBER 3rd on your trusty calendar. Got it? I’ll wait until you are done. Finished?... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Top Ten Genshu Sakes For The Drought! May, 2015 Drought Drought Drought!!! This Top 10 List is our best efforts to conserve water at True Sake and in California as a whole. Here are 10 sakes that have no added water – undiluted or “Genshu” sake. Typically after fermentation the brewers will add water... Continue reading article ›
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