February 2015 - I HEART Sake February, 2015 Welcome to the 126th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this loving edition learn who the real Valentine was before he became a Saint, get sake delivered to your doorstep for $9.50, check out a Sake Spotlight by Brad Russell, laugh at Mei’s Top Ten... Continue reading article ›
Sake Holiday – Valentine’s Day The Sake Way! February, 2015 I used to blame the Hallmark Corporation for Valentine’s Day. I thought that they made up some patron saint of greeting cards, mini heart balloons, and those gross tasting candy hearts “BE MINE”! For sure it was some disingenuous backroom corporate ploy amongst a broad... Continue reading article ›
Sake Top 10 – Mei’s Top 10 Valentine Day Sakes February, 2015 Valentine’s Day Shmalintine’s Day! Who Cares? Big Whoop! OVERRATED! If you want to know the true Valentine story read the section about Valentine's Day the Sake Way, but if you are into it the hoopla of Valentine’s Day then sake is a must!  Sake is fresh... Continue reading article ›
Sake Deal – Stephen Slashes Kubota Manju Prices February, 2015 Every once in a while it happens! One of our distributors over orders! And no this is not some “” shtick. This is a real over ordering problem. And no this not an old inventory dump! It was a mistake and we are very grateful... Continue reading article ›
Sake Images – Is Now truesake on Instagram February, 2015 So there have been a lot of requests on how to follow me and my let’s call it unique eye for sake-centric photography. There are two ways. First you can follow me directly at truesake at Instagram, which is a really fun format to show... Continue reading article ›
“Ask Beau” – “As a sake sommelier what were some of your training techniques or buzzwords for pairing sake with foods?” February, 2015 Ah! Good question Phillip R from Manhattan! Basically I look at food pairings as more of a war against wine, and think in terms of what can sake do that wine can and cannot do – including pairing with asparagus! (Ha, a little somm humor!)... Continue reading article ›
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