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October 2014 - Spooky Sake Season October, 2014 Dear True Sake Reader,   Welcome to the 122th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this “Scary” edition read why sake can actually be terrifying, check out our amazing Instagram contest with killer prizes, read why you should wear your costume to True... Continue reading article ›
Sake Facts – Sake Isn’t Scary …… Or Is It? October, 2014 In the spirit of the Halloween season I wanted to touch upon the dark or scary side of sake that should scare the pants right off of you! Was that a good intro? Are you sort of nervous? Are your pants on the floor? Ummmm... Continue reading article ›
Sake Contest: True Sake Instagram Contest October, 2014 Sake Contest: True Sake Instagram Contest Welcome to my world! As many of your know I have had a wonderful time over the years with my window displays. I love making fun statements about life and sake mixed together, and each and every window... Continue reading article ›
Sake Giveaway: Visit True Sake In Costume On Halloween And Get A Prize October, 2014 Mei had a great idea for Halloween. She said that we should reward any of our customers who get into the spirit of the day. So if you visit True Sake on Halloween Friday October 31st in costume and make a purchase, we will... Continue reading article ›
Sake List: Dan’s Top Ten Scary Sakes For Halloween October, 2014 In honor of Halloween we asked Dan to pick ten sakes that represent all of the scary elements of the sake world. From names to colors this Top Ten list will scare your palate wide open. Boo!   1. Murai Family Nigori Genshu ... Continue reading article ›
Beau-Zone Layer – Wakatake Junmai Genshu October, 2014 The Beau-Zone Layer – Wakatake Junmai Genshu “Demon Slayer” From Shizuoka Prefecture. SMV: +7 Acidity: 1.5    In honor of Halloween I had to Beau-Zone the Demon Slayer – Come on! I’m very glad that Wakatake Brewery has gone back to the... Continue reading article ›
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