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Top Ten List – Top TEN Grillin’ Sakes August, 2014 it me or does the summer curtain feel like its coming down? Well we might as well go out in flames or have one hell of a Bar-B-Q! Right? Of course sake was made for a grill and that is no bull. Anything salty on... Continue reading article ›
Sake List – TOP TEN Summer Sakes! July, 2014 It’s 58 degrees outside but I am about to write something stupid! Hey folks the summer heat is here and we have an amazing assortment of sakes that do very well in the long toasty days of summer. Granted in SF it’s freezing because of... Continue reading article ›
Sake List – Top Ten Father’s Day Sakes June, 2014 It’s so cliché to write about not giving your Dad another tie for Father’s Day. So I won’t do it! Wait. I just did it! Doh! Seriously though, of the millions of ways that you can express your feelings for your father with a purchased... Continue reading article ›
Sake List – Mei’s Top Ten Mother’s Day Sakes May, 2014 Hello my fellow sake lovers! This is Mei delivering you your May top picks! When I think of May, not only does my name (because it’s Mei) come to mind but I also think about Mothers and how freakin’ awesome they are. For this month,... Continue reading article ›
Sake List – Ten Nama Sakes That You Should Get In The Raw With March, 2014 Nama sake is a category of sakes that have never been pasteurized the typical two times. Remember you winos – there are no sulfites in sake. These are raw and uncooked brews that are lively and are the taste of the season. Spring just so... Continue reading article ›
Sake List – Mei’s TOP TEN Sakes Perfect for Valentine’s Day February, 2014 Sake aka “Liquid Love” is an essential part of the Valentine’s Day experience, and herewith is a Top TEN list of ten sakes that epitomize love, flowers, kisses, nicknames, and all of that other lovey dovey stuff that rules the day. And if you are... Continue reading article ›

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