Product Image Chikurin Karoyaka "Bamboo Forest"

Chikurin Karoyaka JG15 "Bamboo Forest"

Four Hot Words: Fruity, Semi-rich, Round, & Organic

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This Ginjo is actually milled to 50% Daiginjo levels, and has a gentle aroma profile with hints of plum, yellow bell pepper, grass, and sunflowers. Think silky when first tasting this extremely soft Ginjo that is so clean it is almost watery. There are taste treasures of apricot, watermelon, white grapes, and a hint of cherries in this semi-thick “like water” brew. The slippery semi-dry flow is perfect for those looking to find a gentle sake void of harsh booziness. WORD: Slippery WINE: Soft reds/silky whites BEER: Clean ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, grilled white fish, creamy risotto.

Prefecture: Okayama
SMV: +3
Acidity: 1.4

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