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Product Image Aramasa Rokugo "Famous #6"

Aramasa Rokugo Tokubetsu Junmai JH36 "Famous # 6"

Four Hot Words: Different, Flavorful, Bright, & Impact

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This very important sake is a celebration for the Association #6 yeast, which this brewery introduced to sake making industry. In tribute to this special sake I will pick 6 aromas and 6 flavors to look for. The nose is a collection of green apple, grape, pear, honeydew, cucumber, and Cool-Aide elements. A very slick Junmai with Ginjo qualities that are round and smooth both easy to understand and completely complex. Smooth and slightly tart in the initial delivery there are elements of koji (sweet) rice and white grapes that dance with slightly gentle flavors of Asian Apple-pear, and young melon. Dig a little deeper and find veggie elements of sweet peas and cucumber. A smaller glass brings out more fruitiness, a larger vessel makes brew drink tangy, and a mid-sized glass is best for balance. WORD: Flavorful WINE: Zins/Burgundy BEER: Tight Ales FOODS: Fresh fare, clean flavors, sushi/sashimi, seasonal.

Prefecture: Akita
SMV: +2
Acidity: 1.3

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