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Product Image Urakasumi Hiyaoroshi Tokubetsu Junmai Nama "Misty Bay"

Urakasumi Hiyaoroshi Tokubetsu Junmai Nama SE19 "Misty Bay"

Four Hot Words: Autumn, Seasonal, Rich & Chewy

This is a seasonal released sake. Call True Sake at 415-355-9555 for availability, size, and pricing.

And yes! This Fall “Draft” sake has been coming every year for the past 8 years! Why? Because each and every year it is excellent and very consistent. The nose on this single pasteurized sake is a soft collection of brown sugar, honey, and maple syrup aromas. Think Rich! And yet again the rich and full-bodied draft sake has arrived and it’s true to form. As in year’s past this season’s brew is thick and viscous, chewy if you will, with hints of honey, nougat, and crème brulle flavors. There is a very unique vein of maple syrup that comes forth at room temp and it drinks more flavorful in a smaller cup. Rich and creamy this sake speaks to big red wine drinkers who like a story in each sip! WORD: Rich WINE: Zins/Large Whites BEER: Belgians of note FOODS: Fall flavors and cuisines that warm the soul (2015)

Prefecture: Miyagi
SMV: +1.5
Acidity: 1.5

Sold Out

Note: Because namas are unpasteurized, they must be kept chilled and are only available for store pick-up or local delivery which you can select when you go to checkout.

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