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Product Image Yaegaki Mu "Nothingness"

Yaegaki Mu Junmai Daiginjo DG04 "Nothingness"

Four Hot Words: Clean, Smooth, Round, & Balanced

“Mu” has a ripe fruit aroma with elements of melon and grapes. Talk about a soft and clean sake, this Daiginjo lives up to its name “nothingness,” as full flavors such as white grapes and strawberries vanish in a whisper finish. It is surprisingly light for such a generous mouth speed. The acidity play is enveloped in fruit overtones that are well balanced, and unlike most Daiginjos this one gets smoother the more it warms up. WORD: Grapes – WINE: Soft reds/light whites – BEER: Pale Ales – FOODS: Oysters, shell fish, sashimi, oily pasta.

Prefecture: Hyogo
SMV: +2
Acidity: 1.5

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