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Four Hot Words: Grains, Soft, Rich, & Layers

The nose on this traditionally made “Yamahai” is an assortment of grains, steamed rice, and chestnut aromas. This is a very juicy and fat brew that drinks thick, rich and ricey sweet. There is so much flavor in this brew that it is hard to collect them all, like a beach with tons of sand dollars on it and you have no bag. Vanilla here, nougat there, rice pudding, oatmeal and sweet rice all over the place. Keep looking because that’s not all as when the fluid is warmed a whole new collection of delectable flavors comes forth. Point for point one of the most flavorful Yamahais out there. WORD: Expansive WINE: Big soft reds/ rich whites BEER: Sweet ales FOODS: Anything with legs, wings, tails or scales. 


Prefecture: Akita
SMV: +6
Acidity: 1.6

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