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July 2008 - Japanese Restaurant Review
"When I inquired about Timken's future and goals, he replied, 'I am hoping a day will come when all the people in America drink sake in thei daily life.'"

July/August 2008 - CITY Magazine
"Timken is dedicated to pushing drinking palettes beyond beer, wine, and spirits, and believes sake is finally ready to take center stage."

February 2008 - SF Chronicle
"Why would you go through this if you didn't have to?" Timken points out. "Would you wash all your dishes by hand if you had a dishwasher? Being able to add lactic acid gives you total control. So why do yamahai? Some toji feel that they can achieve a taste and a structure and an overall drinkability that you can't achieve any other way."
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September 2007 - 7X7 Magazine San Francisco
"'Yes, volume and sales are increasing, but more importantly, people's appreciation is growing,' he says. 'I am actually thrilled when people return a bottle of sake to the shop because it was off. It shows not only that people know what good sake should taste like but that they care enough to return it.'"

August 2007 - Market Watch Magazine
"'A lot of people think sake is a fad, says Beau Timken, owner of True Sake, which bills itself as the world's first dedicated sake store. 'If so, it's a 1,000 year-old fad. We're just catching up.'"

July 2007 - San Francisco Chronicle
"San Francisco also harbors Beau Timken, owner of True Sake and co-author of 'Sake - A Modern Guide.' He was one of very few non-spirits experts invited to speak at the New Orleans convention."

June 2007 - Wine Enthusiast Magazine
"Timken calls these 'New School' sakes, designed to court younger drinkers and fans of beverages with a lighter touch."

May 2007 - Southwest Airlines "Spirit" Magazine
"Beau Timken has traveled the world in pursuit of the finest varities. Here he shares four of his favorite spots to sip a modern vintage."

May 2007 - Los Angeles Times
"Beau Timken, properitor of True Sake in San Francisco, the first all-sake store in the U.S. says full-bodied sakes are the next frontier for aficionados."

April 2007 - United Airlines "Hemispheres" Magazine
"Sommelier Beau Timken bolsters guidance with sake-paired recipes and cocktails."

April 2007 - Wine Spectator
"Beau Timken calls it an 'eye-opening' moment. As the owner of True Sake , a San Francisco store that carries nothing but the Japanese beverage, Timken knows that an important part of his job is educating customers who have never tried premium sake before."

April 2007 - Imbibe Magazine
" 8 Sakes to try - Tasting notes by Beau Timken"

March 2007 - Endless Vacations Magazine
"You won't find a better sake store outside of Japan."

February 2007 - The Japan Times
"According to Timken, the current market trend may represent both an economic and societal "second chance" for the centuries-old grog in the U.S."

New York Times - December 2006
"Sake - A Modern Guide" was selected as one of three books for the NY TIMES Gift Giving Guide.

Wine Enthusiast - November 2006
To pair sake with a sushi meal, Timken offers a few ground rules: "If you're into the fun sushi like rolls made with strong flavors or nigiri, try pairing with Junmai." For sashimi, where fish takes center stage, Beau suggests pairing with a more subtle Ginjo or Daiginjo. "But don't stop there," he insists, "Next time risotto's on the menu, try it with Junmai instead of Chardonnay, and use a wine glass."

New York Post - November 2006
"Lastly, don't miss True Sake (560 Hayes St.) an all-sake liquor shop with more than 100 different varieties. Owner Beau Timken is a charming, knowledgeable self-confessed sushi nerd who'll help any newbie pick out a few choice bottles."

San Francisco Chronicle - August 2006
"Sake used to differ more by region prior to World War II, according to Beau Timken, owner of San Francisco's True Sake -- America's first sake-only store. After the war, in an effort to increase sales in the major cities of Tokyo and Osaka, sake brewers homogenized. "They sold their souls to make a product they thought people would like, rather than make their product and find people who like it," Timken says.

San Francisco Bay Guardian "Best of the Bay" - August 2006
"It might bill itself as America's First Sake Store," but in actuality True Sake is more like an art gallery where all of the featured works happen to get you tipsy."

The Washington Post - August 2006
"'Sake has long been the libation without education,' said Beau Timken, owner of the only all-sake store in the U.S., San Francisco's True Sake. Timken who penned "Sake - A Modern Guide" thinks misconceptions abound about the Japanese businessman's fave beverage."

San Francisco Chronicle - August 2006
"'They sold their souls to make a product they thought people would like, rather than make their product and find people who would like it,' Timken says."

MSNBC - July 2006
"The realm of sake is so unexplored even by studious wine drinkers that anyone who has ordered a bottle of warm sake with their sushi will be dazzled by the detail in "Sake: A Modern Guide" (Chronicle, $19). Author Beau Timken, who owns a San Francisco store devoted to this ancient rice beverage, cautiously details the elaborate brewing process, including the crucial polishing of the rice. He is determined to shatter a few well-worn myths along the way, including the belief that you mustn't pour your own sake."

Seattle Times - July 2006
"It's made like a beer, but drinks like a wine," said Beau Timken, owner of True Sake in San Francisco and author of "Sake: A Modern Guide" (Chronicle Books, 120 pages, $18.95). Timken explains his TasteMatch system, which helps customers choose sakes based on what flavor profiles they prefer in wines and beers. For example, Timken would suggest Bishonen (Beautiful Boy) to someone who enjoys most reds, big whites and full-bodied ambers and pilsners.

San Francisco Bay Guardian - July 2006
"It might bill itself as " America's First Sake Store," but in actuality True Sake is more like an art gallery where all the featured works happen to get you tipsy. The goal of True Sake's owner, the very un-Japanese Beau Timken, is to make good sake appealing to Americans who may be familiar only with inferior versions of the rice-based drink common at sushi bar happy hours."

Seattle-Post Intelligencer - July 2006
"True Sake is a self-anointed sake shrine for those who are sake geeks and an educational center for those who seek information openly or discreetly: Timken has encountered many Bay Are sommeliers or restaurant owners who want to glean some knowledge without revealing their intentions."

San Francisco Chronicle - July 2006
"While you're shelling out the bucks for this kind of magic, go all the way and imbibe in some extraordinary sake. Sebo's list is composed by Beau Timken, who owns the store True Sake, just a block away, and, if you've yet to partake in the subtle joys of this beverage, his selections are an ideal place to start."

San Francisco Magazine "Best of the Bay" - July 2006
"Enter Beau Timken, sake sommelier extraordinaire. As the owner of True Sake, the import-only sake store in Hayes Valley, and coauthor of the new book Sake: A Modern Guide, the former entrepreneur has made a new career of demystifying the Japanese libation."

TODO in San Francisco Magazine - April 2006
"The demand (for sake) here in SF is strong that it has been circuitously refueling demand for the drink among Japanese youth. Thank Beau Timken, sage sake connoisseur and founder of this elegant sake Shangri-La in Hayes Valley. We could compose poetry in his honor, but that would cut into our precious drinking time."

Qantas Airlines Magazine - April 2006
"Owner and self-taught sake guru Beau Timken has made it his mission to educate Americans about quality cold sake, but this beautiful shop is such a sight to behold that many may choose their bottle on looks alone."

Papercity - April 2006
"Beau Timken of True Sake has crafted a unique sake menu to go with the Japanese cuisine at Sebo in Hayes Valley."

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 20 2006
"Timken said the relative uniformity of price among sakes of different quality lets him spend more time trying to pair a customer's tastes with the right sake. For this reason, he said, he has created his own "match scale" that compares sakes with a customer's favorite wine or beer."

Wine & Spirits Magazine - April 2006
"For master sake sommelier Beau Timken, it wasn't enough just to open True Sake, the retail store devoted exclusively to sake. He had to write a book, too. His passion for the rice brew comes clearly across the page, as does his experience in dealing with wine geeks buying sake."

Sauce Magazine - March 2006
"Sake is versatile it can really hit the nooks and crannies sometimes that wine cannot hit, and it has such legs - it has such malleability - that it really can work in many instances where people never thought or dreamed that it would." Timken said.

7X7 Magazine - March 2006
"Although it is not a design shop per se, True Sake sells delicate glass sake vessels, as well as beautifully packaged, hard-to-find sakes."

San Francisco Chronicle - March 15, 2006
"Opening of Sebo Restaurant... Beau Timken, owner of nearby True Sake, created the interesting by-the-glass-or-bottle sake list with some rarely seen treasures."

San Francisco Chronicle - March 9, 2006
"Believed to be the country's first sake-only store, True Sake caries more than 180 premium sakes from Japan."

Wall Street Journal - February 4, 2006
"It turns out there's a taste for Nigori in the States, too, and now a surprisingly large number of nigori-zakes are available here. One of the largest selections can be found at San Francisco's True Sake, which ships nationwide.

Outside Magazine - February 2006
Four can't-go-wrong bottles from Beau Timken owner of the San Francisco store True Sake: Wakatake Dai Ginjo, Dewazakura Oka, Urakasumi, Mukune.

Wine & Spirits Magazine - February 2006
Sake aficionado Beau Timken cites (Namazake's) uncompromising, vividly aromatic pungency as its primary appeal: "Drinkers are familiar with their daily brew from a brewery and a nama is a way of getting your familiarity in the raw - 3-D stuff versus your usual two dimensional ride!" Timken carries about ten different namas year-round, as well as some additional seasonal offerings.

BON APPETIT Magazine - January "Best of the Year" 2006
In San Francisco sake ambassador Beau Timken has opened True Sake, the first store devoted to entirely to the beverage. Timken recommends trying bigger, bolder sakes in balloon glasses, much as you would a big California Chardonnay. But fussing over stemware isn't necessary, says Timken, who years ago informally polled several owners of sake breweries to see what they drank out of. The results varied from broken old cups to beat-up glass tumblers.

Southwest Airlines SPIRIT Magazine - December 2005
"I don't like people saying it's a fad," says Beau Timken owner of True Sake. "It's more of a reawakening. We got sake wrong in this country first. Now people know there are better sakes available, and it's new terrain people find fascinating."

7X7 Magazine - September 2005
10 Things You Need To Know About Beau Timken - "Our unlikely sake guru is helping to bring the ultimate tasting to SF"

SF Chronicle - September 2005
"When I introduce people to sake who had a bad sake experience, with too many little cups of hot sake at Benihana, I introduce them to Dai Ginjo to welcome them back to sake," says Timken. "Dai Ginjos are the most user-friendly, and the most challenging."

Nichi Bei Times - September 2005
Beau Timken was an OK student when he was young, but he would later become an excellent sake student. "If you can talk about what kind of wine or beer that you like, I can recommend the sake that appeals to your taste," Timken said.

7X7 Magazine - July 2005
"Beau Timken owner of True Sake lends his tasting notes for three outstanding nigoris, either to mix or drink alone..."

The San Francisco Chronicle - July 7, 2005
"In other consumer news, Lynn Cursaro, noting the proliferation of shoe stores on Hayes Street, says the theme of the current window of True Sake is 'Hayes Valley: Great Shoes, Great Booze.'"

United Airlines Magazine Hemispheres - July 2005
"It's no surprise that San Francisco is also home to North America's original specialty sake store. For novices, owner and sake sommelier Beau Timken delights in unraveling the mysteries of this trendy tipple."

7X7 Magazine - June 2005 Best of San Francisco
"selling Masumi Arabashiri nama sake."

CARGO Magazine - June 2005
"In Hayes Valley's upscale shopping strip lies the only Japanese rice-wine store in town. It is a museum-quality emporium with more than 150 backlit bottles. Don't worry about deciphering the beautiful Japanese labels: Owner Beau Timken provides useful reviews in English for each one."

Departures Magazine - June 2005
"True Sake - A great resource for sake"

New York Times Magazine - May 2005
"As Timken puts it: 'Wine has already been done, sake is more like fresh snow on which you can make your own tracks.'"

The New York Times - March 2005
"'When you have a glass of sake in your hands, it is so hard to imagine where it comes from,' said Mr. Timken, who wrote a book about sake to be published this year."

Bon Appetit - December 2004
"We ask an expert Beau Timken, owner of San Francisco's True Sake, 3 questions about sake... 1) Why the surge in sake now, 2) Tips for first-time buyers, 3) Any specific recommendations."

CHOW Magazine - December 2004
"The San Francisco store with one of the largest sake collections anywhere."

Kateigaho - Japan's Arts %26 Culture Magazine - January 2005
"In San Francisco there is a specialty sake shop called True Sake owned by Beau Timken whose love of sake led him to go into the business."

Wall Street Journal - May 2004
"...a shop selling nothing but sake opened in San Francisco."

NEWSWEEK - October 2003
"For the truly adventurous, there's Beau Timken's True Sake in fashionable Hayes Valley, SF. No bamboo or rice paper, just sake."

TIME - March 2004
"Sake is sold at a sake-only retail store, True Sake, which stocks more than 125 brands."

SAVEUR, Saveur 100 - January 2004
"Enter Beau Timken. Last August the former 'dot-bomber' opened True Sake, the first sake shop in the United States, in San Francisco's blossoming Hayes Valley neighborhood."

Wine & Spirits - January 2004
"As True Sake is not your standard wine store, Timken is not your standard salesman...But don't underestimate him. And never mind the language barrier, though most sake labels are entirely in Japanese; Timken is a willing and able guide."

WHERE - May 2004
"All of these are common misconceptions about the venerable rice wine and part of Beau Timken's job is to erase them."

San Francisco Chronicle - October 2003
"Owner and self-taught sake aficionado Beau Timken opened the store to evangelize his passion and introduce an alternative to wine."

San Francisco Magazine - September 2003
"The store is part retailer, part shrine to sake. Beau Timken, the owner and Osaka-trained expert, hopes to demystify the drink and help people branch out from wine."

San Jose Mercury News - September 2003
"Ten years ago while living in South Africa, Beau Timken had a sake epiphany...thus began Timken's obsession with the Japanese rice wine that is made from just four ingredients."

San Francisco Bay GUARDIAN, "Best of the Bay Awards" - August 2004
"Timken works hard to demystify the spirit, encouraging neophytes to look past the intimidating kanji-filled labels and read his down-to-earth tasting notes, which compare flavors to a 'snowball' or an 'adult juice box.'"

SUNSET Magazine - November 2003
"True Sake is the United State's first dedicated sake store, devoted to demystifying the popular Japanese rice wine."

PAPERCITY - September 2003
"Walking down Hayes Street, it's hard to miss True Sake due to its iguana-green faßade and more than 90 types of sake bottles lining the interior."

San Francisco Chronicle - February 2004
"Understanding the complexity of Japan's rice wine has been aficionado Beau Timken's mission. His store, the only of its kind, provides an education in the process, history and palate of sake."

FOUR SEASONS - January 2004
"Owner Beau Timken offers more than 100 different varieties of the Japanese aperitif in his sleek, minimalist shop, and will gladly guide would-be sake connoisseurs through the many choices."

Bloomberg Markets - April 2004
"Last year, the first U.S. sake store, True Sake, opened at 560 Hayes Street in SF; the shop carries more than 100 brands, with prices ranging from $6-$200."

Zymurgy - January 2004
"The store boasts the largest and freshest assortment of imported Japanese sakes in a hip and modern environment."

American Way - April 2004
"Dedicated to the proposition that all sake is not equal, True Sake, the first and only retail store in the U.S. whose inventory is solely sake, is taking San Fran by storm."

WHERE - 0ctober 2003
"True Sake, a very high-end shop featuring more than 90 bottles of potent potable potion."

San Francisco 7X7 - October 2003
"Beau Timken claims that his newly opened True Sake in Hayes Valley is the first retail shop in the US, with sales booming, he plans to offer a tasting station next year."

Unterman on Food - May 2003
"Timken has a serious collection of artisan sakes in a wide range of prices and styles."

MON Magazine - January 2003
"There is nothing like it, an amazing selection of premium Japanese sakes."