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Sake Videos – True Sake Is Going Video!

True Sake Vreviews 1

Well, well, well, well – well, ----well! You’ve asked for it for over a decade! And my team has been asking for it forever. And guess what? The time feels right! I have done a lot on the other side of a video camera – in fact you should check out the section below called “True Sake In The News” and watch me go on and on about sake in HD! So in a sense this is a no brainer because I have a lot of history “speaking the sake” on camera. But the question was how best to do it?

If you check on the website we have a new window called A) The Sake Spotlight B) The Weekly Sake Spotlight or C) Sake Of the Week where I will select a sake of note and will chat it up! Yup! It’s that easy. So you be easy on me! Since it’s a new endeavor I am totally open to suggestions even if they rail or slam me! (Oh can’t wait!) The point though is for you to capture another sense about certain sakes, and that is my main objective or take away. My goal is 30 seconds of pure visual magic that embeds itself into your psyche each and every week. Or not! Enjoy! Or not!

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