Sake Challenge – The Power 5 Omachi Sakes May, 2019 Want to play a sake game? Want to learn a thing or two? Then welcome to the new hit TV show called the POWER 5! In this episode we look at 5 different sakes using the very flavorful Omachi rice varietal! Can you taste some... Continue reading article ›
Late Late April Showers ☔💐🌺 April, 2019 Welcome to the 176th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this special slightly late issue read a great story about an American guy who met a Japanese woman over ten years ago who made Kimoto sake with her feet and the story that followed, visit... Continue reading article ›
Sake Friends – Shoutoku “Foot Kimoto” Past and Present April, 2019 One of the best things about being in the sake industry is that with time things that you thought would never happen … happened. Ten years ago when I was in Kyoto for a big Sake Samurai sake tasting I heard a really cool woman,... Continue reading article ›
Sake Brewers – Kanpai London Craft Sake April, 2019 When I was in London this month for the IWC, I had a moment of free time and I bombarded Tom and Lucy at their sake craft brewery in Peckham London. They both were extremely busy and were doing renovations at their compact brewery, but... Continue reading article ›
Top 10 List – 10 Like Water Sake April, 2019 If April Showers bring May flowers then we better take a better look at the April rains. Water plays a huge part in the production of sake. And that is an understatement as the final product of sake is 80%. So this month we have... Continue reading article ›
Store Tasting – April 27th Featuring 5th Taste Sake April, 2019 Come in this Saturday to taste some very special brews from a newly formed sake company called 5th Taste. They might be new in name, but it’s actually our very good friend Jesse who has been working the Bay Area sake scene for the past... Continue reading article ›

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