August 2019

New Store Arrivals - Summer Namas from Shiga, Gunma, and Oakland

If you haven’t been to the store recently then you’re probably not aware of the total onslaught of unpasteurized sakes that have filled our fridges all summer long. It’s been crazy! Crazy good. At one point we had over 43 Namas in the store. That’s a ton. Well the Nama news is not over as we have taken on two more Summer Namas from Shiga and Gunma Prefectures and Batch #7 from Oakland craft sake brewery called Den.

New Store Arrivals A

Oze No Yukidoke Natsugin 2019


From Gunma Prefecture. Junma Daiginjo Namachozo. SMV: ±0 Acidity: 1.5


The nose on this fun summer released seasonal sake has a great collection of cherry, mango, peach, bubblegum, and melon aromas. There are not many Junmai Daiginjo out there and that is reason enough to try this bright and tasty sake. But if you are looking for a fresh brew that has loads of flavors like pear, mango, melon, and a hint of citrus, then this unpasteurized “living” sake has your name on it. Round and juicy it drinks more pronounced in a white wine glass. This is a great picnic sake that goes well on a sunny day or great for that sunset tasting. WORD:Fresh WINE: Zesty reds/crisp whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Summer veggies and grilled food, clean fish and shellfish. $35/720ml


Shichida Natsu Jun 2019


From Saga Prefecture. Junmai Namazume. SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.6


The nose on this summer released seasonal single pasteurized sake is a gentle collection of blueberries, melon, honeysuckle, and sweet rice aromas. Say hello to liquid summer! This sake tastes exactly how you feel in the summer, light, gentle, and easy breezy. Clean, round, and light. It drinks velvety with a hint of a creamy texture and is super smooth. It is lower in alcohol (14%) than most brews, which the overall drinking experience is light and bright. There are hints of apple, pear, ginger, berries and a touch of minerals. A larger wine glass brings out a layer of cantaloupe and softens the fluid even more. A super well-balanced Namachozo sake that is perfect for warm summer nights and those hot poolside days. WORD: Summer WINE: Light reds/Clean whites BEER:Light Beer FOODS: Very light fare, steamed, lightly grilled, sushi and sashimi. $45/720ml


DEN Batch #7


From Oakland, CaliforniaJunmai Nama. SMV: +4.5  Acidity: 2.0


The nose on this next edition of our locally made craft sake is a gentle collection of white grapes, blueberries, peaches, and white pepper aromas. In a word Batch #7 rocks! This is by far my favorite Batch in Den’s short but clever history. It is a more “full” version with full-bodied flavors and a full-bodied feeling. The mouth feel in particular is exceptional. It is chewy and viscous but not necessarily fat per se. In one sense, it is fleshy but it’s also bright and lively. So you do the math! A mid-sized glass works the best with this brew as it captures the acidity and flavors in perfect balance. A wine glass thins out the brew and pushes the acidity a little bit. A small cup highlights all of the fruit tones of pear and fleshy apple. There is a peek-a-boo astringency that works well on the slightly thicker and solid fluid that has so much wonderful texture. What a great batch of sake! WORD: Chewy WINE: Deep Reds / Fat Whites BEER: Beefy Belgians FOODS: Grilled fare, salty and savory, International spicy fare, shellfish. $29/500ml, $87/1.8L


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