December 2019

Season’s Sake – Stocking Stuffers of the Rice Kind!

Sure, big presents are the money tickets during the holidays! But, let’s not sell stocking stuffer or Secret Santa presents short. There are a ton of stocking stuffers living within our inventory. Heck! Take a look at all of the Cup sakes that we have, each one would be perfect! If you work in an office with a Secret Santa or White Elephant, you cannot go wrong with any of these ideas. 

Here are six perfect Stocking Stuffer and Secret Santa brews that will make you look like the best Santa Claus of the season. 

  • Joppari Honjozo “Stubborn Daruma” – We love the look of this crisp, dry,  and clean sake that has a touch of mineral to it! Daruma looks grumpy, but that frown turns upside down when gifted. 

  • Narutotai Ginjo Namazume – What a perfect little gift to give in the Secret Santa gift exchange. This single pasteurized sake comes with a cup attached to the top of the can, which is important for the office party. 

  • Kamotsuru Kinpaku “Gold Flake” – This is one of the coolest sake in the sake world. Made with floating gold flakes in the fluid that bottle shape alone makes it a great stocking stuffer. And who doesn’t like drinking gold during the holidays?
  • Yuki no Bosha “Cabin in the Snow” – How romantic? Cabin in the snow is the absolute best name for a sake during the holidays. This incredibly good Junmai Ginjo that speaks to wine drinkers has a very cool and sleek bottle that shows how clean this sake drinks. 

  • Umenishiki “Gorgeous Plum” – This is by far the best Cup sake in the store. It is a very flavorful Junmai Daiginjo that Elf Mei suggested for her best gift giving sake in the section above. The fact that it comes in a little red box makes this the absolute BEST stocking stuffer in the business. 

  • Harushika Tokimeki “Sparkling Heartbeats” – Since the Holiday Season sparkles why not gift sparkling sake in a little bottle that screams festive and cute. A deer and hearts adorn this very tasty sparkling sake that should be consumed out of a champagne flute. 

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