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The Beau-Zone Layer – Katafune “Lagoon Boat”

The Beau-Zone Layer – Katafune “Lagoon Boat”
From Niigata Prefecture. Tokubetsu Honjozo. SMV: -4 Acidity: 1.5

Okay! Take your snob hat off! “What do you mean they add alcohol to sakes?” “That’s gross, that’s not pure!” Phooey! Honjozo sake is no ugly red-headed step child. Sakes with a little added brewers alcohol actually on some levels drink better than their just rice and water brethren! In fact most competition sakes are Daiginjo sakes which means they have what? Added alcohol! I simply love the category, and why not with this sake from Niigata that not only won a Gold Medal at the 2015 International Wine Challenge but just so happened to also win a “Trophy” for the Honjozo category! Damn Right! So do not be afraid of the name honjozo! It’s not like the other “H” name – think ugly little mustache! We have a bunch of stellar honjozos in the store, but if you feel that you must “slum it!” then slum it with this amazing sake! Yes, there I said it “sake,” because Honjo sake is sake! The proof is in this Katafune pudding!

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