Sake Madness 🎎🍶 March, 2019 Welcome to the 175th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this special rainy March issue enjoy a quick visit to Doi Shuzo in Shizuoka Prefecture, get ready for the first three “Chapters” of Takachiyo 59 Namas of 2019, meet our newest employee at True Sake,... Continue reading article ›
Sake Stories – A Quick Visit To Doi Shuzo In Shizuoka Prefecture March, 2019 Last month, I visited a very small, but very cool brewery in Shizuoka on a rainy February afternoon. I was hoping for snow, but found out that it rarely, as in never, snows in that part of Japan. That was the first thing that blew... Continue reading article ›
Sake Exclusives – The Takachiyo Nama “Chapters” Are Back! March, 2019 By now you all know that the word “exclusive” bothers the crap out of me. Of course it is very important to a retail business to separate itself from the pack. This is true of all industries, and it makes just good business sense. I’ve... Continue reading article ›
Top 10 List – Ten Perfect Cherry Blossom Viewing Sakes March, 2019 Watching flowers blossom in the spring is a thing in Japan. In fact it’s a big thing! Hanami is the act of appreciating spring blossoms, and we have selected ten perfect sakes for you to choose from when you decide to view some blossoms. Hanami... Continue reading article ›
Sake Education – Sake Professional Course Chicago April 23-25 March, 2019 This comes from my friend John Gauntner, who is a superb educator and leader in the sake industry. John is the ultimate teacher in the field of all things sake. I highly recommend his sake education program:   “From Tuesday, April 23 through Thursday, April... Continue reading article ›
True People – Meet Our Newest True Sake Team Member March, 2019 Yay! We are very excited to introduce our newest True Sake Team Member Ms. Saki Kimura. Saki has a name fit for the sake world, and she is very well versed in all things rice and water. As is custom, we will let Saki introduce... Continue reading article ›

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