May Showers Bring May Sake ☀️ 🍶 May, 2019 Welcome to the 177th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this special Spring Issue get your first look at SAKE DAY, read why sake makes men dance like monkeys, challenge yourself with 5 different brews using Omachi rice, go Beau-Zoning with Nechi Otokoyama Yamahai Junmai,... Continue reading article ›
SAKE DAY – Update on The Best Day in Sake May, 2019 Okay! First, let’s start with the really important news! We have decided to capitalize this amazing sake event. Huh? So instead of Sake Day 2019 we are now using all caps, so look for SAKE DAY! Why? It’s a big deal! This humble event has... Continue reading article ›
A Sake Tale - The Monkey Dance and The Sparrow Dance May, 2019 Once there was an old woodcutter who went so far into the mountains to find wood that he got lost. He walked for a long time, not knowing where he was going, until he suddenly heard music in the distance and smelled the odors of... Continue reading article ›
The “Beau Zone Layer” – Nechi Otokoyama Yamahai Junmai May, 2019 The “Beau Zone Layer” – Nechi Otokoyama Yamahai Junmai From Niigata Prefecture. Yamahai Junmai. SMV: +1 Acidity: 2.2 Do you Umami? Huh? Do you know that nebulous and mysterious 5th flavor that is all the rage today on cooking shows? If you do then behold a brew that... Continue reading article ›
New Store Arrivals - The Spring Seasonal Nama Wave Continues May, 2019 It’s a great time to be a sake drinker in America. When we first opened the store there was only one nama – unpasteurized – sake available in the US. It was a Nama sparkling sake for $115. Today looking at our shelves we have... Continue reading article ›
Sake Images – Photos From The Soul Of Sake May, 2019 So there have been a lot of requests on how to follow me and my, let’s call it... “unique eye,” for sake-centric photography. There are two ways. First you can follow me directly at @truesake on Instagram, which is a really fun format to show off... Continue reading article ›

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