February 2014

Sake Style – Sake Is Made with Love

Posted by Beau Timken in 2014, February, Sake Style

Making sake is difficult. Making sake is laborious. Making sake sucks at times. But I have yet to meet a sake brewer who does not love making sake. It’s that simple. The secret ingredient in this easy yet complex libation is love and that is why I often refer to sake as “Liquid Love.” 

I think all brewers from beer to wine to sake love their work. Why not? What’s not to love? But for me love emanates from the difficult environment of a sake brewery early in the morning when it’s frigid cold, and the brewers are running frigid water and the air is thick with coldness and it’s damn early. That is working love. That is carrying heavy sacks, that is burning hands with steam, that is doing the same thing over and over and over again. That is love.

Often I consider sake that leaves a brewery the children of that kura. The brewers gave birth and nurtured the kids in an environment of love and that is how they travel out into the village, town, city, and world.

The bottle that you may be holding in your hand was not made by some grumpy union worker, who was more concerned about how much work he could get out of and paid for, rather it was made by a love guardian who worked paying homage to the history of sake making.

Sake is a labor of love. It always has been and always will be. There is no easy route to making quality hand crafted sake. It is all work all of the time. And the common thread of the sake industry is not technique or style but rather love, the love of making an ancient beverage taste wonderful to a modern world. Sake is love, love is sake, and sake is “liquid love.”

So by all means during this season of love please enjoy the beverage of love by either imbibing yourself or gifting a bottle to that special person who needs a little loving!

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