February 2014

Sake List – Mei’s TOP TEN Sakes Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Shirataki Jozen “Pink”
Sake aka “Liquid Love” is an essential part of the Valentine’s Day experience, and herewith is a Top TEN list of ten sakes that epitomize love, flowers, kisses, nicknames, and all of that other lovey dovey stuff that rules the day. And if you are thinking about giving another sappy Hallmark card then this list is not for you!

  • ONE - Tsukasabotan “Fu-In”
    WHY? – This is a great and super drinkable Junmai Ginjo that was just re-released and has a far fruitier aroma but drinks dryer! And the label has Valentine’s Day written all over the beautiful floral graphics.

  • TWO - Shirataki Jozen “Pink”
    WHY? – Really? You have to ask? Look at that pink beveled bottle! Hello perfect bottle for V-day! The sake on the inside tastes even better than the bottle looks on the outside.

  • THREE - Amabuki “Strawberry or Sunflower” Nama
    WHY? Well both of these two sakes are made with unusual brewing yeasts. The first is made with a strawberry yeast and has a very beautiful and bright label on a killer bottle. The second is made with a sunflower yeast – Valentine’s Day = flowers get it? – and has a gorgeous yellow label on light blue bottle. Two stunning sakes that scream V-Day one for the fruit forward fan and one for the dry complex fan of nama or raw sakes!

Valentine's Day Sake
  • FOUR - Karen “Coy”
    WHY? Some Valentine’s Day folks like playing “Coy” on this special day, so this Junmai is just that – “Coy”! It is also a lower alcohol fruity and light sake that speaks to those who don’t like tasting alcohol. This brew is a great sake for those who “had a bad sake experience” to bring them back into the fold. Oh and the pink and floral packaging works as well.

  • FIVE - Dewazakura “Oka”
    WHY? Look at the cherry blossom blizzard on this label and you will be sold on Oka as a great Valentine’s Day gift. One of the most popular sakes in the store this aromatic and dry brew does wonders with sushi, which makes this sake a great take somebody to dinner on V-Day brew.

  • SIX - Kanbara “Bride of the Fox”
    WHY? Well Valentine’s Day is also for those who are married and not the countless single folks using this slam-dunk day for a date. It could just as easily be called “Groom of the Fox” to cover all of the basis. A very nice rich and creamy sake that speaks to Pinot Noir drinkers.

  • SEVEN - Tsukasabotan “Hana” “Pink Peony”
    WHY? Why not more like it! Very dry, clean and smooth sake that is housed in a bottle with a huge pink flower on it! Why give flowers (sorry T) on Valentine’s Day when you can give a bottle of sake with a flower on it? Very tasty sake and a very tasty label – BINGO!

  • EIGHT - Hou Hou Shu “Hana” Sparkling Sake Azen “Ai” “Love"
    WHY? Are you kidding? A pink bottle of sparkling sake with flowers all over the label. Talk about the perfect gifting sake for Valentine’s Day! This is it! Why give your date, partner, secret love a bottle of boring bubbly when you can spring some delicious sparkling sake in their fluted glass. Hello no-brainer!

  • NINE - Tedorigawa “Kinka” “Gold Blossom
    WHY? First for you risk takers the name Kinka sounds so much like “Kinky” – see where I am going here? Get kinky on V-day. That’s what I am talking about! Actually the real meaning of gold blossom works just as well because the nama or unpasteurized sake drinks bright and happy and is perfect to set the “raw” mood for this special night! Oh yah!

  • TEN - Azen “Ai” “Love”
    WHY? Hmmmm let me see! Amazing red box on a 5-year aged brown rice sake that is so stylish and awesome, a name that literally translates to “love,” and has a taste profile similar to a sherry or a port and I think you have a tremendous gifting sake for Valentine’s Day. Simply the best! Perfect with complex game dishes and fun for after dinners as well.

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