February 2014

Beau-Zone Layer – Taiheizan Kimoto Junmai “Grand Mountain”

From Akita Prefecture. SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.7 
Beau-Zone Layer – February 2014, Taiheizan Kimoto Junmai “Grand Mountain” What in the hell is a “pole rammed” sake? A Kimoto or “pole rammed” sake is a throw back way of making sake in one of the traditional and to a degree cerimonialmethods from days long ago. The reason the brewers rammed the steamed rice with a long pole with a flat paddle on the end in a large wooden bucket was to promote the growth of lactic acid. Lactic acid is large part of the brewing process and today the brewers simply add it in rather than ram the rice for 12-15 minutes.

So why do some breweries still employ this method when it is unnecessary? They believe that a Kimoto sake has elements not found in other sakes. Some feel a Kimoto sake has a velvetiness or softness not expressed in other sakes. Some feel it adds a special layer of flavor and feeling. And others believe that on account of the slightly higher acidity pole rammed sakes have more presence. Grand Mountain is no exception and I really like the smoothness of this brew. A very good intro to Kimoto sakes. (We also carry “Tenko” the Junmai Daiginjo version of a Kimoto from Taiheizan)

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