March 2014

True Sake Newsletter March 2014

Posted by Beau Timken in 2014, Current Newsletter, March, Monthly Intro, Nama, Newsletter

Dear Sake Lover, 

Welcome to the 115th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this special “raw” issue that looks at some history before Louis Pasteur, in an unpasteurized sense, read about why nama sakes taste great. Check out TEN namas not to be missed, read about a certain Akita sake that makes you tingle from Shamus Booth (Umi) in our revamped “Sake Spotlight” section, then go deeper with this brew from a very special brewery in the “Beau-Zone Layer.” Learn about all the new arrivals, and finally check out the very special “Ask Beau” section and travel along with him as he visits Akita Prefecture in mid-March. (It could be very worth your while!) 

In this issue:



    Consider this... 

    Did you know that old-school toji – head brewers – can tell how far along their fermenting sake is by listening to the popping of the bubbles on the top of a batch of fermenting sake. As carbon dioxide comes popping forth the size of the bubbles emit a different pitch – smaller bubbles represent less fermentation than larger ones. 

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