March 2014

Sake List – Ten Nama Sakes That You Should Get In The Raw With

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Nama sake is a category of sakes that have never been pasteurized the typical two times. Remember you winos – there are no sulfites in sake. These are raw and uncooked brews that are lively and are the taste of the season. Spring just so happens to be the premium season for nama-zakes, but they make great nama sake all season long too! 

Herewith is a list of ten unpasteurized sakes that will tickle your raw senses and will speak to all of those folks in the raw movement. 

ONE: Masumi Arabashiri – Nama Junmai Ginjo
  • This is one of the classic Nama sakes from Nagano prefecture and is made in the free press method, which means it trickle sake – fresh and tasty!


TWO: Born – Muroka Nama Junmai Daiginjo Genshu

  • This is a truly flavorful nama that is different then most brews – it’s not charcoal filtered and tastes deep and rich (umami)!


THREE: Kamikokoro Toukagen – Nama Tokubetsu Junmai Genshu

  • Made using a peach yeast this ultra popular nama is a wonderful basket of fruit tones on a fat and frisky flow – (ages well too!)


FOUR: Seikyo “Omachi” – Nama Junmai

  • Made using the famous “Omachi” ancient pure rice varietal this nama speaks to those who like balance over big flavors – complex and layered.


FIVE: Amabuki “Strawberry” – Nama Junmai Ginjo

  • True to it’s name this nama is made using a strawberry yeast and the result is a wonderful sleigh-ride of fat, bright and juicy fruit flavors – fun and fantastic!


SIX: Harushika “Shiboribana” Nama Junmai Ginjo

  • This flavorful nama drinks like a pumped up Ginjo with a large nose and clean smoothness – speaks to those not looking for the HUGE nama experience.


SEVEN: Dewazakura – Nama Junmai Ginjo Genshu

  • Made with a rice varietal grown in Yamagata this nama is one of the “old faithfuls” in the nama world – always drinkable always reliable.


EIGHT: Koshinohomare “Shiboritate” – Nama Junmai Genshu

  • This nama gets better each and every spring season and is all things nama genshu – big, lively, direct, expressive and a kick in the glass!


NINE: Narutotai “Beau-shu” – Nama Ginjo Genshu

  • Known as “the can” this powerful nama is the most popular unpasteurized sake at the store – flavorful yet not fruity, powerful yet balanced!


TEN: Tamagawa “White Label” – Muroka Nama Yamahai Junmai Genshu

  • This nama is in a class by itself, as it is the most potent and flavorful sake in the store – huge flavors flow from start to finish and then start again!


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