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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake Spotlight: Shamus Booth Looks At Aramasa Rokugo

It has been a while since we did a “Sake Spotlight” so in honor of its return we have a two-fer going! Not only does Shamus Booth, Co-owner of Umi ( do the Sake Spotlight on Aramasa, but it is also the Beau-Zone Layer sake for March. Talk about March Madness. (And this is a hint – there is a 3rd mention of Aramasa that may be very beneficial to you in the Ask Beau section) 

Shamus has one of the best sake menus in SF and his unique portion serving-size is pretty cool. He has devised a method to split bottle costs so you don’t have to pay so much for certain serving sizes. And the food at Umi is as great as the sake selection. So without further adieu here is Shamus on the “Famous #6” Aramasa Rokugo. 

“The Aramasa brewery's "Rokugo" Tokubetsu Junmai is one of my top go-to sakes. Every time I pop or re-open a bottle it reminds me why! (Tssss.... A small burst of air escaping the bottle each and every time). This sake is fresh and lively, and I've yet to serve it to a customer that didn't love it. 

The moment it sits in your mouth you know why. A light spritzy effervescence rolls around your tongue. A combination of a light tingle, perfectly ripe melon, and toasted oats, your senses are satisfied. This sake can even be served warm! Heated, even more of the complex flavors and creamy textures surface. Relaxing and pleasing you more with every sip. Like finishing a family meal with your mom's apple pie. 

Served chilled, I prefer to drink this one out of a wine glass. This accentuates the beautiful aromas of fresh spring blossoms. Wine drinkers with a love for white Rhone varietals such as Marsanne and Rousanne will be particularly fond of this sake due to its structure and elegance. It has enough backbone to stand up to richer Japanese dishes such as simmered mackerel while being soft enough not to overpower your favorite miso black cod.”

Thank you Shamus for being one of the sake “Good Guys” out there, and if you haven’t been to Umi – you are missing a real treat! 


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