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Super Sake – What Sakes To Pour For The Super Bowl

Huh? Drinking sake while watching the Super Bowl? You’re kidding right? Nope! No I am not! But before I mention some reasons and sakes to drink watching ye’ol grid iron’s greatest day let me go back to a point that I have been making for over a decade. I cannot die until the Japanese Sake Brewer’s Union makes a commercial that is featured in the Super Bowl – then and only then can I die (Well not yet – I can’t die until there is a sake offered on any menu that features wine and beers.)

How cool would that be to see a commercial that is funny and is about the greatest drink in the libation world? That would be awesome. I have been clamoring for it and one day it will happen, and then and only then will it be obvious that sake has arrived in the west!

But back to actually drinking sake on Super Bowl day! Why the hell not? How sick are you of your over-bloated beer belly sucking down a sixer or two on top of the chips and dips and fried oddities? And how sick are you of feeling sick on Monday because you loaded up on wine each quarter and at halftime? And for those real boozers who hit the cocktails how terrible do they feel the next day. Don’t do it to yourself! Drink the drink that you can enjoy without getting bloated, gassy, or over-acidic.

Since the Super Bowl is similar to a holiday then it is most definitely time to splurge!

Herewith is the “If I Were You” list of sakes to get for the Super Bowl:

1) Kirin Hizoushu Daiginjo
  • Why this Daiginjo? Because it drinks great and it looks like a football!
2) Gasanryu “Koka” Honjozo 1.8L
  • Why this honjozo? Because it is a gold medal sake that comes in 1.8L for the big party!! And check out the price!!
3) The Dassai Three Step Program
  • Why these three sakes? As the clock winds down in the game you can taste down the sake milling system. Start with the Dassai 50 then hit the 39 and then in the end try the 23 and try to determine who is the champion.
4) Dewasakura 4 bottles for 4 quarters
  • Why these sakes? Well since a football game is four quarters it might be fun to taste a different sake from the same brewery each quarter! Start the first quarter with Oka Ginjo. Then go into the second quarter with Dewasansan. The third quarter would be good for the very dry Izumijudon. Then blow the fourth quarter away with the Mountain Cherry Daiginjo. And guess what? If there is Over Time you can pull out the Nama sake called Primal Strength!
5) Kirinzan Junmai
  • Why this Junmai? Well it sort of looks like a football right? Good enough for me!
6) The Sparkling Sake 4 Quarter Blow Out
  • Why sparkling sakes? The Super Bowl is a major celebration right? So why not rock it with sparkling sake? Try Nene in the first quarter! Go for Tokimeki in the second. Poochi Poochi in the 3rd Quarter and go for Suzunne in the 4th.
7) The Four Cups For Four Quarters
  • Why one cups? Why not? Pick four of our many “one cups’ and try one each quarter. Start the game with Oyaji in the first quarter. Try Bambi Cup in the second quarter. The third quarter would be >great for the fisherman’s cup. Finish the game with our new dry cup.
Super Bowl Sakes 3 8) Kikusui Funaguchi “Monster Can”
  • Why this potent brew? Well, some people like to tie one on during the Super Bowl and this baby gets that job done
9) Kikuhime “BY” Daiginjo
  • Why BY? Because this is the sake that I will be drinking during the Super Bowl
10) Ichishima Competition Daiginjo
  • Why this Daiginjo? First it has “Competition” in the name and the Super Bowl is just that. Secondly it is the most expensive sake in the store so why not go big?
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