September 2013

Sake Celebration – The Tenth Anniversary

Posted by Stephen King in 2013, Newsletter, September
SakePartyIt’s not everyday that people give away free sake and food, and yet again it’s not everyday that a store celebrates its Tenth Anniversary. On August 7th – the actual day – we rocked out at Ju-Ku Izakaya and had one hell of a sake bash!

In a word we went through 24 ishobins – 1.8L bottles – in roughly an hour and a half. I cannot tell you the headcount because the place was absolutely packed to the gills, but somebody guesstimated that at least 250 people came through the small restaurant at one point or another. And yes it’s true! There was a guerilla pouring sake to all of our loyal and faithful supporters.

Sake Day 2013 For those unable to attend we are extremely sorry, but trust me when I tell you that many a glass were raised high in your honor. And when I say glass I want to thank all of those who brought their own special drinking vessels. Thanks also to several of our distributors who donated some fun sakes that we handed out for the guests to take home!

Personally I felt like it was a wedding party where you speak to everybody but don’t get to talk to anybody! I was overwhelmed keeping the cups flowing over, but I felt very proud that you all had such nice things to say! It’s been a great 10 years and we are already planning the 20th!

Thank you for your support!

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