September 2013

New Store Arrivals – Lots and Lots Including a Cooking Sake

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, New Store Arrivals, Newsletter, September
We have a lot of new brews in the store because we are trying a new section within True Sake. We have decided to break out the Junmai Yamahai sakes onto their own shelf! This left a lot of space on the Junmai Island! So have taken in some new brews to fill out the ranks.

Sake Day 2013

And 1,000 apologies as I have yet to write reviews for each of these sakes, so here are the names and prices only!

  • Taiheikai “Pacific Ocean” Tokubetsu Junmai $40/720ml
  • Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai $32/720ml (This is the sun warmed sake served at the 10th Anniversary)
  • Fuku Chitose “Happy Owl” Yamahai Junmai $32/720ml
  • Gunma Izumi Chotoku Junmai $39/720ml
  • Gunma Izumi Honjozo $24/720ml
  • Konnichiha “Cooking Sake” $24/720ml (Our first cooking sake in the store and it takes like liquid umami – blows mirin away!)

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