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Sake Selections – Boooo! Top 10 Scariest Sakes For Halloween

True Sake Okay! So we are little old to be writing about what to wear for Halloween, but we are just the right age to talk about what to drink on the spookiest night of the year. First and foremost sake is NOT scary! I repeat. Sake is NOT scary! (There are still countless drinkers out there who think that sake is indeed bad, thus scary and they have no clue how wonderful sake really tastes.) If you are reading this then you probably don’t find this libation any scarier than Jeff Goldblum in the remake of the “Fly.”

Herewith are ten sakes that will bring out your inner-ghoul because of their flavor, their appearance or the simple fact that they are haunted.

1) Shinzui “The Quintessence” – Junmai Daiginjo
This luxury sake is made for Halloween! First look at the coffin that the bottle comes in. Are you kidding me? That sake is buried deep in that wood box. Secondly, the hit TV show called “Mad Men” once ordered 5 cases of this sake for an episode that dealt with Japanese businessmen. They bought 5 cases for one scene. What’s scary about that? Nothing except for the writer of that episode hung himself. Boooo!

2) Kariho Namahage “Devil’s mask” – Yamahai Junmai
First this sake has an SMV of +17, which as you know is “bone”dry. Get it? “Bone” dry like you are drinking bones. Scary! Secondly, look at that label. That could be the spookiest label in all of the sake world. And don’t forget the name!

3) Tenzan “Mt. Tenzan” – Junmai Genshu
Okay! This sake is on the list because the packaging makes it look like a forbidden potion that could just as easily be found on the potion shelf of your local witch. You do have a local witch don’t you? It’s also a haunted brew because it is named after Mt. Tenzan, which is famous for ritual suicides by faltering actors and rock stars who have lost their shine.

4) Minato Tsuchizaki “Harbor” – Futsushu Nama Genshu
There is nothing freaky about this sake in a can unless you think it’s spooky drinking sake out of a reused motor oil can! Just kidding! No, actually this sake is one of the two brews that tastes just like Halloween should taste- sweet and scary. There is a cocktail quality to this brew and it’s scary because its 21% alcohol! Talk about BOOOOOOOOO! Think about eating mini-candy-bars and getting your buzz on!

5) Wakatake Onikoroshi “Demon Slayer” – Junmai Ginjo
We have three different “Demon Slayers” at True Sake so I selected the Wakatake with the Black label to represent the deep, dark, black Halloween night. We strongly recommend that you personally do not slay any demons who venture upon your house steps with outreached hands on Halloween.

True Sake 6) Chiyomusubi “Oyagi Gokuraku Jungin” – Junmai Ginjo
This little one-cup sake from Totorri Prefecture has Halloween written all over its weird label with a freaky eyeball that talks! There is something about eyeballs that embodies the scariest night of the year and this 180ml cup is the perfect boo-maker! Even the bravest of sake souls will overt their eyes when the “Eyeball” locks its gaze upon your trembling face. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

7) Murai Family – Nigori Genshu True Sake
Talk about scary stories! The label on this nigori sake features a Nabuto warrior lantern/balloon, which was used to scare away invading armies. The locals would create huge balloon-like lanterns and paint angry warrior faces on them. Then they would light lights within the lanterns, which created a haunting glow, and float them in front of the invading forces who would see these immense angry warriors and would flee.

8) Kinoeno Yuu-Ga “Deep Elegance” – Junmai Ginjo
The importer of this sake once told me that the sake had several names, but they decided to use “Deep Elegance” instead of “The Ghost” for marketing purposes. He said that it could be haunted. When I asked why he said that a terrible accident happened at the brewery and all of the workers are now the brewing dead. He was serious. He said that when they brew they groan and moan Yuuuuuu-Ga, Yuuuuuuu-Ga, Yuuuuuu-Ga, which we all know is zombie talk.

9) Genbei Onikoroshi “Four Eyed Demon” – Futsushu
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I get scared just looking at the label. Are you serious? That is the scariest looking thing that I have ever seen in my life. I can barely type this. A demon with four eyes? Quit freaking me out man! I’m too scared to drink. Ummmm no I’m not! This is THE perfect Halloween party sake! 1.8L big bottle with big booooooo written all over it! If you host or got to a party bring this demon along!

10) Tengumai “Dance of the Demon” – Yamahai Junmai
Winner! Dance of the Demon is Halloween! Not only does the brew have the perfect spooky name, but it also drinks very scary like Halloween night itself. This full-bodied and gamey demon drinks dark and deep and dangerous. It is the liquid version of following a burning torch into a haunted graveyard in the middle of the night. Think liquid spooky!
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