November 2013

Sake Sleepers – 7 Silent Sakes That Get Overlooked

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, Newsletter, November
As retailers with a very large collection of sakes we sometimes over look or perhaps under love certain brews. They aren’t necessarily forgotten, but we forget to recommend them as much as the others. So they become silent. Also I charge each of our Team True Sake Members to “Champion” certain sakes that they like to sell. We all have a pool of brews that we go back to time and time again. So certain sakes fall through the cracks of these overlaps. They become silent sakes, and to be honest they are great brews that don’t demand the spotlight.

Silent 7 Sakes

Herewith are 7 Silent Sakes that you should not forget to try or retry:

1) Meibo Yowano Tsuki “Midnight Moon”
  • A super well balanced Junmai Ginjo that drinks solid and extremely confident.
2) Taisetsu “Garden of the Divine”
  • This Junmai Ginjo from Hokkaido uses Ginpu rice and is very “watery.”
3) Hoyo Kura No Hana “Fair Maiden”
  • This Junmai Daiginjo is one of the more expressive brews from a tiny brewery.
4) Taiheizan Tenko “Heavenly Grace”
  • This Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo is a gold medal-making machine.
5) Takenotsuyu “Bamboo Tears”
  • When was the last time you tasted this Yamagata stellar Junmai?
6) Akitabare Koshi Junzukuri “Northern Skies”
  • Pound for pound one of the best northern Japan Junmais.
7) Shirakabe Gura Kimoto
  • A Kyoto Kimoto Tokubetsu Jumai that is soft and confident.

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