November 2013

New Store Arrivals – Hiyaoroshi Fall “Drafts”

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New Arrivals Nov. 2013 Yup, there are certain seasons made for drinking sake! Spring sure! Summer sort of! Winter of course! But the Fall is one of the most flavorful and fun seasons to drink sake, as the brewers release their very special Fall nama (Draft) sake selections that are constructed with food pairing in mind. Yes Siree!– Fall is the season for amazing food in Japan and these single pasteurized sakes are super food friendly as well as being super drinkable on their own.

Check out all five of these specially released seasonal sakes that would do wonders at your Thanksgiving Dinner table. No Kidding!

Otokoyama Hiyaoroshi ‘13
From Hokkaido Prefecture. Tokubetsu Junmai Kimoto Namazume.
SMV: +4 Acidity: 1.6

The nose on this once pasteurized “Hiyaoroshi” or draft sake is a collection of grains, steamed rice and chestnut aromas. This seasonal brew drinks like the fall with layers and layers of colors (flavors) from start to finish. Smooth, dry and semi-rich look for elements of honey roasted nuts, steamed rice, and buckets full of umami. There is a peek-a-boo vein of crisp caramel and the smoothness brings forth a tad more sweetness as the brew warms. As the only “Kimoto” or pole-rammed Fall draft sake this season you will notice a balance that is totally driven by the gentle smoothness of this brew. WORD: Dry WINE: Deep reds/big whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: All the flavors of the Fall from roasts to toasts! $32/720ml

Wakatake Hiyaoroshi ‘13
From Shizuoka Prefecture. Tokubetsu Junmai.
SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.2

Rice, grains, chestnuts, and cream make up the aroma field on this once pasteurized seasonal sake. Behold a brew that tastes like the season with dry and smoky elements just like the red Japanese maple leaf on the label. Red wine drinkers take note as this dry, smooth, and plump version has tannin-like elements that jiggle on a very intriguing acidity play. There is far more impact in this sake than year’s past with shades of dryness and dried fruit elements that come forth when the brew warms. A larger vessel brings out a rice sweetness and field grains rule the day. WORD: Layered WINE: Crisp Reds and Whites BEER: Tight ales FOODS: Fall grill fare. $36/720ml

Urakasumi Hiyaoroshi ‘13
From Miyagi Prefecture. Tokubetsu Junmai.
SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.5

The nose on this perennial Fall draft winner is a grouping of caramel, rice, crushed leaves, and grain aromas. Can you say a sake is comfortable? Well this old faithful is all of that! Smooth, juicy, rich and round Urakasumi has done it again by making a supremely balanced sake that has baskets full of amazing Autumn-like flavors from sweet rice, grains and caramel to nougat and cream. Rich and balanced the brew gains a little more sweetness as it warms in the glass and a larger glass brings out more cream tones. WORD: Sweet Rice WINE: Chewy reds and fat whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: Autumn Fare with Lots of Complexity. $32/720ml

Denshin Denshin “Aki” '13
From Fukui Prefecture. Junmai Genshu.
SMV: -1 Acidity: 1.8

Hello party in a sake bottle! The nose on this seasonally released (look for the Fall Japanese Maple sticker) on this unpasteurized sake is a push of grape, grape Jolly Rancher, persimmon, pear and peach tones. This is a big and full nama with layers of rich fruit tones from pear and mango to gooey apple and berry that bounce around on the 19% alcohol content. Extremely juicy and very flavorful this is an excitable sake in your glass that is flavor forward with a gentle finish. A mid sized glass makes the fruit and booze dance appropriately at this party in a bottle. WORD: Juicy Fruit WINE: Beaujolais/ Fruity whites BEER: Fruity Ales FOODS: The kitchen sink plus international spicy fare from Thai to India. $32/ 720ml & $55/ 1.8L

Kikusui Hiyaoroshi ‘13
Junmai Ginjo

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