November 2013

Sake Tours – Visiting a Brewery Is the Best Way To “Get” Sake

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, Newsletter, November, Sake Tours
Okay people! It’s quite simple. The best and most incredible way to get the full sake “effect” is to go to the source and actually watch sake being made in a brewery in Japan. So what is keeping you from taking that next step? You don’t know what brewery to approach? How will you get in? How will you get around? All of these questions have been answered by my friend Etsuko Nakamura, who wisely started a business that takes people to amazing breweries all over Japan. She takes care of all of the logistics and you do is watch, drink and learn! How cool is that?

This is from Etsuko:

Photo by ©Marumoto Brewery We are very excited to announce two new destinations in 2014 to Okayama (January 27th - 31st) and Niigata (February 17th – 21st). There’s something special about these two destinations. The Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association is supporting part of the cost. They invite all sake enthusiasts to really experience Japan through sake with their help. This is a one-time opportunity you cannot miss! The Okayama tour especially highlights sake and cultural activities that even locals do not have access to. Some very memorable experiences you will find only with us are: a session with Omachi sake rice grower, hands on rice field plowing, private Kagura dance performance, private Shiki Hocho knife ritual once performed only for the emperor, hands-on guinomi sake cup making experience with Bizen artists, observing art of sword making and more. On the last day, simply relax at the hot springs by the river far away from the city, in the snow. Find more about the tour at

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