November 2013

ASK BEAU” – “How Did You Come Up With TasteMatch?”

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, Ask Beau, Newsletter, November
True Sake For those who don’t know what TasteMatch is please see this on the True Sake website:


Good question Ryan J from Bakersfield! It’s a really good question and it goes to the heart of why I opened True Sake in the first place. I was looking to match good people with good sake. And I needed some way of getting customers into a bottle of sake without just saying ,“Trust me – a white guy – you will like it I promise!”

When I opened the store I knew that people would come in and say, “I know nothing about sake and I don’t know what I like. Can you help me?” Crap! Double crap I thought to myself. At the time I said, “This is going be a lot of work.” So I decided that I needed some footholds and handholds that customer could identify with. Ah HAH! That was it. Get the customers to tell me what they like and since I know the sakes I would know what they would like.

Basically everybody can speak to their beer and wine profiles, but people get so tongue tied when they talk sake. They can spend 15 minutes speaking about why they like certain wines and beers and couldn’t even spend 15 seconds about what they wanted to taste in a sake. Trust me when I say that it was frustrating when I got the “I don’t know what I like!” So TasteMatch was born out of this ability to speak forever about wine and beer profiles.

I must say and I am very proud of the fact that this system works. It works very very well and I have had fun over the years having the customers validate its success. I cannot recall a day that somebody came back to the store and said “Psssshhhhh that didn’t work!”

TasteMatch became pretty popular, especially after my book came out, so I decided to trademark it. And up until about a month ago the Trademark was mine. But last month I got the notice to renew the trademark and I thought that it wasn’t worth it! I hope that I didn’t make a mistake.

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