December 2013

Secret Santa – Several Stocking Stuffers For The Season

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, December, Newsletter, Sake Secrets
Stocking Stuffer 1Okay you rascally little elves! It’s that time of the year to get some little presents for those office parties or for those people that you don’t really feel the need to spend a great deal on – did I just type that? I call this the “Oh Yah, I should get this or that person a little something just to let them know that I appreciate them” section.

Herewith are several small sake tokens that go over big:

• Kikusui Cans – Red & Green
These potent little madmen make great presents at a very low price point. Red $6 Green $7

• Otokoyama Can – Woodpecker
New to the store this dry brew drinks clean and cool like the can itself, and would appeal the bird lover on your list. Otokoyama Can $8

• Gokyo – Tanuki
One of the cutest looking sakes in the sake world and it drinks that way too! Tanuki $8

Stocking Stuffer 2

• Joppari – Growling Daruma
If a can could talk this guy would say drink me! Very dry and very tight makes Daruma smile on the inside. Daruma $5

• Tenzan – Junmai Genshu
This already wrapped present makes a great stuffer for those who like full-figured brews that drink fruity but not sweet! Tenzan $22

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