December 2013

Sparkling Sake – New Year’s Eve and You!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, December, Newsletter
Sparkling Sakes

Here are ten reasons why you should have sparkling sake on New Year’s Eve this December 31st:

10) Sparkling wines and Champagne give you the worst headache on January 1st. Why start the year with a humdinger?

09) Sparkling sake only comes in 300ml bottles so you don’t have to overindulge or use a spoon in the top of the bottle overnight.

08) There are several different ways to make the bubbles in sake from bottle fermenting to carbonating.

07) Sparkling sakes pair very well with NYE festive cuisines from fruits and cheeses to desserts and of course caviar.

06) Sparkling sakes work even better in your tall sparkling wine flutes.

05) Sparkling sakes have far easier names to remember from “Ne Ne” and “Poochi Poochi” to “Bubble Bubble sake” and “Palpitations of Sake.”

04) The 55th generation owner of the oldest brewery in Japan once said that his grandfather used to make sparkling sake for parties.

03) Silly old champagne has fewer ingredients then sake, which means sparkling sake has more complexities.

02) Not all sparkling sakes are sweet and the size of their bubbles vary like sparkling wine.

01) True Sake currently carries TEN sparkling sakes to choose from.

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