December 2013

ASK BEAU” – “Are there any sake drinking games?”

Posted by Beau Timken in 2013, Ask Beau, December, Newsletter
Ah ha! A very timely and fun question for when the sake flows over the holiday season. In a word Karen G. from LA Yes! There are plenty of games that folks “play” to mainly get ripped! Not kidding! Most of the drinking games are pitched to get you and the others drunk as quickly as possible.

True Sake A majority of the games revolve around cups that are differently sized and you spin a “dradle” to see which cup you or others drink out of until empty. Most of the cups depict drinking characters that are known for different drinking “strengths.” There are small cups for the teetotalers and larger tengu cups with long noses that hold far more sake. Obviously the faster you spin the more you drink!

And trust me when I say that they are not playing these games with splendid Daiginjo sakes. They aren’t!

True Sake sells a really fun and good-looking set and it would make a pretty cool holiday present. (Pictured) But prepare yourself for the eventual invitation to play since you gifted the set!

Lastly, they are not really a game per ser, but there are a ton of sake cups and glasses that are made to encourage drinking more sake. For example Miwa once gave me a glass that has a football shaped bottom, which means that I cannot put it down until empty! And as I am thinking about this my mom and dad once (Well over 20 years ago) gave me a ceramic sake set with four similar cups and one cup that was a little larger and had a small hole in it. Why? So you must keep your finger over the hole until you quickly empty the cup.

Drinking is supposed to be fun! Over drinking isn’t funny! But with some fun moderation a well-timed sake game really does bring out the laughs!

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