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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake List – Mei’s Top Ten Mother’s Day Sakes

Hello my fellow sake lovers! This is Mei delivering you your May top picks! When I think of May, not only does my name (because it’s Mei) come to mind but I also think about Mothers and how freakin’ awesome they are. For this month, don’t just get your Mom (or me) flowers! She deserves better than that! She wants sake! Here are ten sakes you should be buying sake for this May/Mei!

Mei's May 2014 Top 10 1 10) Konnichiwa Cooking Sake
  • Who doesn’t love Mom’s cooking? For this Mother’s Day, replace her usual white cooking wine with this cooking sake! When I cook at home I always have this as one of my weapons. I even add a cap full into my rice cooker when cooking rice. It gives everything a better flavor!
9) Kokuryu Tokusen "Crystal Dragon"
  • Crystals are a girl’s best friend and surely your mothers too! …That’s how it goes right? Have you ever imagined what crystals taste like? It would taste like the Kokuryu Tokusen! It has a nice fruity aroma and tastes of honey and a hint of dryness to it. It’s clean, clear, elegant and a lingering impression, like crystal.
8) Kamoizumi Shusen "Three Dots"
  • One of my favorite warming sake! If you’re looking for adventure, this sake is for you! Shusen is a great example of earthy tone sake. If you like any type of mushroom dishes or just hot sake in general, you’ll love this sake! You can’t have savory without the sweet. Shusen also has a little sweet and chewiness to it that’ll make this a complete and well-balanced warming sake.
7) Kikusui Funaguchi Cans
  • Some know what they are but many walk by and miss out on these sake cans. Who can resist our Funaguchi cans once you’ve had them? They make them so convent to drink. On-the-go, grab one, pop open and drink. My personal favorite is the Black but their all so good! Here’s a twist, try them on the rocks with a slice of cucumber! If you liked them before, you’ll now love them this way too!
Mei's May 2014 Top 10 2 6) Kenbishi "Black Pine"
  • I had this sake for the first time at our Sake Day event in 2013. The fullness and the flavors that hug your tough were just mind blowing to my novice taste buds. My personal favorite temperature for this sake is in room temp. You’ll get the rich full-body flavors and kind of creaminess when drinking this sake. This sake also comes in a 900ml bottle rather than the usual 720ml. More bang for your buck!
5) Fukucho "Moon on the Water"
  • I don’t know about you but I will be sending my mom this sake this Monther’s Day. Fukucho has lots of pear and melon aromas and tastes of apple and mangos. It drinks soft, smooth and delicate in my opinion. You would think it’s sweet from what I’ve written but it is surprisingly not. Did I forget to mention a female sake master also makes this?
4) Daku
  • I like to think Daku is the underdog Nigori Sake of our store. This needs more love than it’s been getting. This sake drinks as if it was lightly carbonated. Daku is on the bright side with a hint of sweetness and a clean finish. Serving snacks when friends come over? Daku does well with the cheese platter and some salted snacks!
3) Kamoizumi "Summer Snow"
  • If I had to choose my top Nigori, this would be it. It’s a Nama(unpasteurized sake), a Junmai Ginjo and a Genshu at the same time. What more can you ask for? Oh, it’s a Nigori too! To me it has the refreshing aromas of cucumbers and bananas. Nice crisp beginning and dry ending. Don't drink this all on an empty stomach; this bad boy has 18% alcohol per volume. Good thing sake doesn’t give you hangovers!
Mei's May 2014 Top 10 3 2) Meibo Junmai Ginjo "mainIdnight Moon"
  • In second place we have is Meibo! Aside from this being a really good Ginjo, every smooth and refreshing melon flavors. Why is this in my top 10 picks? Simple, because it’s calling out my name, literally!
1) Chokaisan "Chokai Mountain"
  • Here we are at number one. Chokaisan will always have a special spot in my heart. I loved this sake before I even started to seriously get into sake. It’s a really great sake if you’re looking for something smooth, clean, fruity and a hint of sweetness. Chokaisan’s texture is really soft and smooth. If I bathed in this would my skin be softer and smoother too?
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