May 2014

Beau-Zone Layer – Kamotsuru Tokusei Gold Daiginjo

Posted by Beau Timken in 2014, Beau Zone, May, Newsletter
From Hiroshima Prefecture. Daiginjo Kinpaku. SMV: 1.5 Acidity: 1.4

Beau-Zone Layer Sake May 2014 This sake is really fun for several reasons including great packaging. First and foremost this brew is in the news because PM Shinzo Abe served it to Obama on his recent trip to Japan. Of all the sakes he could have poured a fellow world leader he selected this sake at the Jiro Sushi Bar in Ginza. This sake is a “Kinpaku” which means it has gold leaf flakes in it and is used for toasts and celebrations. The brewery Kamotsuru takes credit for making the first Daiginjo in the sake market and this sake celebrates that milling achievement.

The brewers place two pieces of gold flake in the bottle to represent and honor cranes (tsuru) that mate for life. It’s a fun sake that drinks light and clean with some nice fruit tones, and of course it is a great gift-giving sake that also tastes great in your very own kitchen. Get three bottles. One for you! One for a gift! And one for your favorite world leader!

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