June 2014

Sake Thoughts – Father's Day The Sake Way

Posted by Beau Timken in 2014, June, Newsletter, Sake Thoughts

Father's Day 2014 ALast month many customers celebrated their moms with the greatest gift of all on Mother’s Day, and I look for the same this June 15th when the dads take their turn. I mean isn’t sake the best gift of all considering all of the redundant gifts out there? Why not shake up the paradigm and get your Dad a bottle or three and see what happens. Is he a wine guy? He’ll love sake! Is he a beer guy? He’ll love sake! Is he an explorer? Then get him three sakes for an at home Sake 101 kit.

I know one thing for certain – I will be giving my father sake on Father’s Day. Shhhhhhhhh! Why did you say that out loud? Because as sad as it sounds, my dad has never read this newsletter to the best of my knowledge. Yup! 118 issues later – 1 issue per month (you do the math) – he has never mentioned the True Sake Newsletter. Not once. (On the flip side my mom reads and comments on each issue) Perhaps he is waiting until I hone my craft! Ha!

Father's Day 2014 BSo for Father’s Day this year I will give him a bottle of his favorite sake and this URL and we’ll see what happens. What’s his favorite sake? Of all the excellent sakes that I have had the honor to pour for him over the years, and trust me there have been many many excellent sakes, he has gravitated to a Junmai Ginjo Kinpaku (Gold leaf celebration sake) from Wakeabisu brewery. This sake is at the store but not on the website at the moment. It makes for a great gift on account of the packaging and the fact that it has gold flakes in the sake, which NO! is not like Goldshlagger! It’s a very good brew. Why not celebrate your father with a sake that is made for celebrations!

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!


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