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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake List – Top Ten Father’s Day Sakes

It’s so cliché to write about not giving your Dad another tie for Father’s Day. So I won’t do it! Wait. I just did it! Doh! Seriously though, of the millions of ways that you can express your feelings for your father with a purchased item – if that’s the way that you express your feelings – then why not go the sake route? Wine and beer – yawn! Steak-of-the-month club. Warmer, but nothing says deep emotional explanations like an amazing bottle of sake. So herewith are ten sakes to choose from that will make you his favorite child, even if you are an only child.

  • Okay okay we know who the real boss is, but for a day make Dad feel like the “boss” with this super smooth and affordable Daiginjo in a great box.
  • There is a very good chance that your Dad envisioned himself as a Samurai at one point in his life, so let him live out the fantasy with a very tasty Junmai sake from Ishikawa Prefecture.
  • The label on this unfiltered sake says it all – Dad we think you look like this and we love you for it! A full-bodied Nigori that packs a punch and was made for Father’s Day.
  • Not all Dad’s wanted to be Samurai warriors or Ninjas - some just feel comfortable in their very own beautiful selves. This rich and savory Junmai Ginjo has beautiful written all over it!
  • Father’s Day is considered Emperor’s day by many Dads, so keep the fantasy alive by filling his very own well with a supremely expressive Yamahai Junmai Ginjo that is fit for a king.
  • Some Dads prefer flowers to swords, so why not let your Father be the “Flower Boy” on his day? This mini bottle (300ml) Daigino is extremely floral and aromatic and is almost like giving your Dad liquid flowers on Dad’s Day.
  • Some father’s prefer swords to flowers, so if you don’t have a real sword to give him why not give him a bottle of Ken instead. This extremely drinkable Daiginjo is super smooth and packaged like a master swordsman!
  • We get it, we get it! Your dad thinks that he is a gift from the Gods! Well for one day let him live out this half-truth and get him a bottle of liquid heavenly grace. This pole-rammed (traditionally made) Junmai Daiginjo sake just won a gold medal at the 2014 IWC tasting in London.
  • Let’s face it - your Dad has been slaying demons hell bent on getting you all of your life. He is your super hero and there isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do for you, including slaying a demon! This ultra-popular Junmai Daiginjo is Dad’s ultimate reward.
  • Yup! It says it right there. This sake is called Man’s Mountain and it is the perfect way to express your adoration to the old man on Father’s Day. Perhaps he will never have a mountain named after him, but in liquid form this extremely smooth and dry Tokubetsu Junmai will do the trick!


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